20 Simple Life Hacks

20 Simple Life Hacks

#1 — If you are going on a date, create a stronger sexual attraction by watching a horror film. It is believed that elevated heart rate and adrenaline are highly associated with sexual attraction.

#2 — Avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes and biting flies during summer by taking Vitamin B Complex. These insects hate the way the vitamin makes you smell to them.

#3 — We all know that having bad breath is a huge turn off, thus to get rid of bad breath it is important that you brush your teeth. However, a more important thing that you should do is to brush your tongue.

#4 — In case you find a lost driver’s license, just drop it in the mail box and USPS will surely deliver it to the owner. This way you’ll also get some good karma in return.

#5 — Be constantly reminded of your life goal by making it your password.

#6 — Want to get a free drink from a vending machine? Push the vending machine’s 4, 2, 3 and 1 buttons, this will miss up the machine’s menu and you’ll probably get a free drink. Please remember that this does not work on all vending machines.

#7 — Hiccups could be annoying at times. Get rid of hiccups by holding your breath and swallow three times with your mouth closed.

#8 — If you’re a student and you’re having a problem in making your essay look longer. You may try this trick. Hit Ctrl and F then search for period (.) and change the font size of the period to 14 from 12. They will seem to look exactly the same but will definitely make your paper look longer.

#9 — Dying to get to the exit of a maze? Just touch your head to the right wall and keep walking on that position. Eventually you will reach the exit. You may do this in a game as well as in real life.

#10 — Got a clogged toilet but you don’t have a plunger? Don’t frit, you can still solve the problem. Just pour hot water with soap in the toilet and let it set for five minutes.

#11 — If you’re in a hurry and want to use the elevator without getting interrupted by the frequent floor stops, you may use this trick. Hop on the elevator and hold the close door button until the door closes. Don’t let go of the button and then select the floor where you want to go. Don’t let go of that button also. When the elevator starts to move, it will skip the floors that you haven’t selected and will directly bring you to your selected floor.

This trick is being used by police officers to get to the floor that they want to go to faster and it does work.

#12 — Get rid of the itch in your throat by scratching your ear.

#13 — Beat your friends in the game Hangman by using the words rhythm, zephyr and sphynx.

#14 — Is there something in your eye that’s bothering you? Just hold your eyelashes then using your fingers, pull your eyelids down and blink rapidly for several times.

#15 — Earn some extra cash this semester by selling your study notes on flashnotes.com.

#16 — Save about 1,157 gallons of water every year by getting in the shower.

#17 — Avoid spending that hard-earned money on textbooks by checking out these websites, which will allow you to get them for free:

a. Eknlgu.com
b. AllenG.ru
c. FreeTextBooks.com
d. TextBookNova.com
e. FeedUrBrain.com
f. ManyBooks.net
g. 2020k.com
h. En.Bookfi.org
i. Gutenberg.org
j. eBookee.org

#18 — Solve your acne problem by using a pillow with a new pillow case every night.

#19 — Can’t make a decision? SIRI will put a coin for you.

#20 — In case you get chased by a crocodile, you can get out of that situation alive by running in a zigzag pattern. Crocodiles have difficulty making sharp turns of any kind.

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