5 Cute and Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

5 Cute and Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

Going back to school is stressful especially for girls. Girls take lots of time in front of a mirror before they finally decide that they are ready to go out and head for school. One of the most time-consuming activity that girls have is deciding what hairstyle to wear for the day.

If you can relate to this problem then this article is a good resource for you.

Here are five (5) cute yet easy back-to-school hairstyles that you could use.

1. Sweet & Swept Back Hairstyle
This simple yet eye-catching hairstyle is very easy to do.

a. Create one thin braid on each side of your head.
b. Sweep the braids backwards together with some unbraided hair.
c. Secure your hair and the braids with a hair bow or hair tie or something that you prefer using.

If you want to look very girly, a hair bow will definitely help you achieve that girly look.

2. Quick Half Updo Hairstyle
This is another simple and easy to achieve hairstyle.

a. Pull half of your hair up.
b. Spritz a little hair spray or water to your hair to ensure that it is very smooth.
c. Brush your hair backwards.
d. Secure your hair with a hair bow or hair tie.

3. Sporty Braids Hairstyle
If you are the outgoing type of girl then this is a nice hairstyle for you.

a. Brush you hair.
b. Split your hair in the middle part.
c. Create a French braid on one side of your head.
d. Add a section of hair to each piece before you braid it in.
e. Continue to do step d until you have no more hair to braid on that side.
f. Make the braid look bigger by pulling them a little bit away from each other.
g. Do steps c to f on the other half of your hair.

This hairstyle will require a little more time so just make sure that you have some extra time before you decide to wear this hairstyle.

4. Messy Double-side Braid Hairstyle
Want to look pretty even if your hair looks a bit messy? This hairstyle will help you achieve that look.

a. Split your hair into three (3) sections.
b. Take one of the sections and braid it.
c. Use a texturizing spray to add extra texture to your braid.
d. Back comb the two remaining sections.
e. Braid all of the three (3) sections together.
f. Use a hair tie to secure the braid.
g. Spritz some texturizing spray to your braid.

5. Headband “Traveling” Braid Hairstyle
If you are a lover of braids and you want to create something that emphasizes your love for braids then this hairstyle is best for you.

a. Choose a part of your head where you want your braid to start.
b. Start creating a French braid on a deep side on your chosen part.
c. Add some hair into each section as you braid your hair.
d. Once you get to your ear, stop braiding and get all your hair and braid them all together.
e. Tie the braid at the end using a cute hair tie or hair bow.

By the way, all these hairstyles do not require heating your hair so you can be sure that your hair is safe from harm.

Have a great hair day gals!

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