8 Water Tricks That Will Melt Your Mind

8 Water Tricks That Will Melt Your Mind

Want to learn some tricks that will surely blow the minds of your friends and loved ones?

Here are eight (8) water tricks that will melt your mind:

1. Water Illusion

a. Place a laptop with the image of arrows pointing to the left on top of a table.
b. Place a glass in front of the laptop. Take note of how the arrows appear.
c. Fill the glass with water and notice that the arrows will change its pointed direction.

2. Pepper Trick

a. Fill a glass bowl with water.
b. Sprinkle pepper on the water.
c. Dip a finger in the middle of the solution and notice that the pepper will follow the direction of your finger.
d. Put soap on the same finger.
e. Dip your finger with soap in the middle of the solution and notice an amazing occurrence, the solution will move away from your finger.

3. Water and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Trick

a. Place two shot glasses on top of a table.
b. Fill one shot glass with water.
c. Fill the other shot glass with Jack Daniel’s whiskey.
d. Cover the shot glass that is filled with water with a credit card.
e. Place the covered shot glass upside down on top of the shot glass that is filled with Jack Daniel’s whiskey.
f. Once the shot glass with water is on top, move the credit card a bit to create a small gap.
g. Notice that the liquids will move.
h. Leave the experiment for 10 minutes.
i. After 10 minutes, notice that the shot glass on top is now filled with Jack Daniel’s whiskey and the water has now transferred to the shot glass underneath.

4. Fireproof Balloon Trick

a. Place an empty balloon on top of a lighted candle. The balloon will surely pop.
b. Get another balloon and put water in it.
c. Place it on top of the lighted candle.
d. Notice that no matter how near the balloon is placed on top of the lighted candle, the balloon will not pop.

5. Laser Trick

a. Fill a plastic bottle with water.
b. Put a little hole in the bottle.
c. Point the laser into the hole.
d. Place your hand on the water that is flowing from the hole.
e. Now you’re a light bender.

6. Glowing Tonic Water Trick

a. Get a UV light.
b. Open a bottle of tonic water.
c. Turn off the areas light.
d. Turn on the UV light.
e. Now you have a glowing in the dark tonic water.

7. Water Suspension Trick

a. Fill at least ¾ space of an empty glass bottle with water.
b. Cover the glass bottle with a screen.
c. Secure the cover with a rubber band.
d. Pour water through the screen until the bottle is full.
e. Turn the bottle upside down and push some toothpicks through the screen.
f. Now you’ve created an anti-gravity water bottle. The toothpicks will never go down, they will only float)

8. Instant Freeze Trick and Homemade Magic Trick

a. Instant Freeze Trick
* Put purified water in the freezer.
* When it reaches 32?F, carefully take it out of the freezer.
* Smack it.
* The whole bottle will automatically freeze.

b. Homemade Magic Trick
* Place an ice cube on your palm.
* Pour water on the ice cube.
* Notice that as the water is being poured the ice cube will change its form, thus showing a little magic trick.

If you’re having a party one of these days you may want to do one or some of these tricks and become the star of party.


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