Top 10 Interesting Facts about Facebook

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Facebook

Fact #1

Facebook was first named as Facemash. It was then replaced with Thefacebook and eventually, in 2005, its name was changed to Facebook.

Pro Tip:
You may access Facebook just by writing FB in your browser’s address bar then hit Ctrl and Enter on your keyboard.

Fact #2

There are more than one (1) billion active users who are now registered in Facebook. About half of this number log in to their account on a daily basis. This means that all over the globe one out of seven individuals are using Facebook. In fact, about 95% of the United States population owns a Facebook account.

Fact #3

Do you have skills in hacking a website? Facebook will pay you money if you will be able to hack into their website. Wondering why? This is because you will be revealing to them a new security bug which will save them the trouble of locating the threat themselves. Want to know how much Facebook pays? Their pay out ranges from $500 to $10,000. The pay will also depend on the severity of the bug that you’ve discovered. So start hacking now.

Fact #4

In early 2012, a couple who unfriended a person on Facebook was murdered. It was made known that the father of the woman whom they unfriended got upset with what they did and he went over to the couple’s house together with her daughter’s cousin. The father shot the couple in the head which caused their death. The sad part of this incident is that the female victim was holding her 8 months old baby when she was killed. Fortunately, the father and the woman’s daughter left the baby alive.

About 30 million accounts in Facebook belong to dead people.

Fact #5

A newborn baby girl was named Facebook by her father in Egypt. Allegedly, the father decided to name his daughter Facebook in order to honor the website’s role in Egypt’s revolution.

On the other hand, another couple in Israel named their child Like, patterned after the Like button of Facebook. As explained by the couple, they were searching for a unique name and since they liked the sound of the word “like” they have decided to use it as their child’s name.

Fact #6

Facebook during its early days was way different than how it is now. During its first launch, a picture of Al Pacino was featured on its homepage. Why? No one really knows.

Also, when it was started, it was an exclusive website for universities and colleges.

It also had a file sharing function called Wirehog. This function is the similar to mega upload and all other file sharing sites.

Based on a story shared by a Facebook employee who was there when Facebook first started, Facebook was a bit reckless with their member’s passwords. Apparently, Facebook had access to all the passwords of their members. They also had a master password which could enable anyone who gets a hold of it to have access on any account that they want to open.

Fact #7

Facebook For Every Phone is the most liked page on Facebook. This page is also owned by the site. It has more than 280 million likes. Second to this is Facebook’s own page which has 90 million likes. YouTube’s official page got the third spot with more than 70 million likes.

The very first registered user of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. Mark is Facebook’’s creator.

Fact #8

The obsessive use of Facebook can cause a legitimate disorder called Facebook Addiction Disorder or FAD. Among the symptoms of this disorder are as follows:

a. Having lots of fake friends.

b. Does not answer their phone because they only want to communicate using Facebook.

c. Refuses to join social activities with family and friends because he or she only wants to spend time on Facebook.

d. Opens at least one or two browser windows at any given time.

It is believed that there are as much as 350 million people who are suffering from FAD.

Fact #9

In the US, about one-third of all divorce cases filed contains the word Facebook.

A study also showed that about 25% of the users of Facebook have experienced getting dumped through the site. On the other hand, another 20% said that they would or have already dumped someone on Facebook and they did it by simply changing their relationship status on their profile. This is a sad and shocking reality that a certain person can end a relationship with just a click of a button.

A different study showed that the most common reason why lots of people use Facebook is to stoke their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

Fact #10

Here are some amazing stats about Facebook:

a. Facebook has about 10 million apps.

b. There are 50 million pages in it.

c. 700 million active users log in daily.

d. Since Facebook was launched, there have been 150 billion friend connections made which tells us that an average Facebook user has about 140 friends.

e. More than 1 trillion likes has been made.

f. There are a total of 240 billion photos posted on Facebook.

g. About 20% of the photos that will be taken this year will be posted on Facebook.

h. An average user usually spends about one hour each day on the site.

i. There are more or less 85 million fake accounts on Facebook.

j. Facebook has 70 languages available.

k. Facebook employs more than 5000 individuals.

l. Every month, more than 250 million games are played on Facebook.

m. Every second, there are five (5) new profiles created on Facebook.

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