Top 10 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations In The World

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One of the greatest dreams of the people around the globe is to travel the world. Most of the experienced travelers of today’s generation even left their 9 to 5 jobs just to fulfill this dream. Travel forces us to go out of our comfort zones and it transforms us into new and better individuals. There are also people who travel to find something or to discover things about themselves. You can meet different types of people, experience diverse cultures, see beautiful places, and eat a lot of new food and native delicacies. You become more connected with the world around you.

One good tip for travelers or if you’re aspiring to be one, it may sound cliché, but it really is a must to do a lot of research about your destination and their culture. You should also take note of security hotlines in case of emergencies especially if you’re a female solo traveler. You will discover that people are mostly the same everywhere – good, kind, compassionate, etc. However, it’s more important to be ready for whatever may come along the way, specifically thieves and other bad situations.

Here is the list of the top 10 most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. Be sure to be physically and mentally prepared when you visit these countries and expect for the worst. Or you can just exclude these on your bucket list:

1. Syria
Because of the still on going civil war, aerial bombing of cities, kidnappings and terrorist attacks, it is advised that traveling to Syria is definitely a big NO.

2. Baghdad, Iraq
This country is in a state of great chaos. There’s an extensive threat of terrorism throughout Iraq. This is the main reason why they are on top of the news from time to time. You can’t even walk safely on their streets for you might end up dead.

3. Mogadishu, Somalia
American citizens are continuously warned by the U.S. Department of State not to travel to Somalia specifically in Mogadishu. Indiscriminate killings, suicide bombings, assassination, kidnapping and widespread suffering fill this country. And the U.S. government cannot assist and provide security services for you in Somalia.

4. Kabul, Afghanistan
Due to the ongoing war between armed forces groups in Afghanistan, it’s better not to choose this country if you have some plans to travel. It’s unsafe especially for U.S. citizens to roam around anywhere in this country for they are one of the target of terrorist attacks.

5. North Korea
U.S. citizens are strongly recommended against going across the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), unless you want to be arrested, detained and not allowed to depart from the country.

6. Pakistan
You may want to reconsider your plans of visiting this country. They have a very uncertain security situation due to their high rate of kidnapping and continuous threat of terrorism.

7. Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuela is one of the most violent places in the world. It’s terrifying that in every 21 minutes, a person is murdered in this country. Armed robberies occur all over the country’s capital, Caracas, and other cities including places that are supposed to be safe and mostly visited by tourists.

8. Sudan
Sudan is considered one of the top dangerous countries in Africa. Major conflicts between these countries were still not solved up to this time.

9. Honduras
Violence and crime are in every part of this country. Honduras has the most highest murder rate.

10. Mexico
Drug-traffic and narco-related activities are just few of the crime issues Mexico faces. Americans continue to be the main target of violet crimes in this state. According to the new U.S. State Department report, 8 of the 31 states in Mexico were still off limits to travel including Ciudad Juarez and Acapulco.

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