Top 3 Coolest Travel Hacks for the Average Traveler

Top 3 Coolest Travel Hacks for the Average Traveler

Traveling and discovering new places are very good venues to relieve stress and relax.

Are you one of those who want to travel with less hassle and of course less luggage?

Here are three (3) useful hacks that you can use to help you travel with ease.
1. Suitcase Hacks

a. To keep the fresh and clean smell of your clothes, place a dryer sheet in your suitcase before you start placing your clothes.

b. In order to save some space, roll your clothes.

c. To save more space, place your clothes in a plastic bag.

d. In case you have to fold your clothes, use a tissue paper. It will keep your clothes free of wrinkles.

e. Put your underwear and socks inside your shoes.

2. Toiletry Hacks

a. For liquid toiletries, use a plastic wrap to cover the opening of the container in order to avoid leakage.

b. If you are bringing razors, use a binder clip to conceal the blades. This will protect you from injuries.

c. Save on space by packing small amounts of your favorite products. Don’t have small containers? Don’t fret. Just order free samples online. These free samples usually come in small containers.

d. To keep your jewelry safe, you may use your medicine containers to store it. It will be concealed and no one will think that you have placed a valuable jewelry in there.

e. Keep your necklace free of tangles by using a straw.

3. Hacks for the smuggler type traveler

a. Conceal some of your valuables inside a lip balm container.

b. Since you’ll be visiting interesting places, it is unavoidable that you’ll be buying some souvenirs. It is best if you bring an empty tote bag where you will place all your souvenirs.

c. In case you get a hold of a priceless bottle of wine, use your pair of shoes to keep it safe from breakage.

Have a stress-free and enjoyable travel!

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